Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick way to peel a banana

I have been eating banana as frequently as a monkey, but I have not really learned the correct way of opening it up. I've realized that I was doing it the hard way. This video shows you a nice and easy way of peeling a banana. After watching it, I actually enjoy eating more bananas! Wasting precious seconds (or minutes) peeling out a banana from its stem is like gold. If you agree and you love eating bananas like me, you should learn this stuff.

I shall see you in banana eating tournaments! =P

Monday, July 4, 2011

Quick way to fold your tops in 5 seconds

Save more time by learning the craft of Japanese t-shirt folding. Looks pretty neat! It's as if they are folded normally.

I've tried this stuff. Although it looks pretty impressive, I find it difficult to handle (or carry). I guess it will depend on whichever you prefer - the traditional way or this new way to fold shirts. Which one is for you?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Philippine Azkals beat Sri Lanka Brave Reds - 1st Round Qualifiers

Today was the 2nd leg of the qualifying match between the Azkals and the Brave Reds. The game was well played by the Philippine team, topping Sri Lanka with a score of 4-0. All players did their best and it was surely a game worth watching.

The Rizal Memorial Stadium looked very spectacular - the seats were painted and it seemed clean. The field was breathtaking. It's as if the game happened in a venue usually watched in ESPN or Star Sports. The game lasted for 96 minutes. The crowed was pumped up! The people where chanting from the start until the end of the game, screaming at every ball possession and almost-goal shots. The game started exactly the time. It rained at the start but it didn't stop the match - this doesn't stop soccer! The match was dominated by the Azkals in the first few minutes but the Brave Reds also fought the best they can. It seemed like an Ateneo-LaSalle UAAP match moving left to right, back and forth, until Azkals scored a goal in the 19th minute and another in the 43rd minute. After the half, another 3 goals were scored! It was very amusing to find the players improve. Clearly, their potential was seen in action.

The support for this new growing sport in the Philippines is becoming more popular. Truly, supporters are not let down by the Azkals. They give their best in the game and winning is one way to say thanks to the fans. So far it's looking good.. Good job to all who made it possible and as all supporters say, "We believe!" We believe that we have the potential to be and win in the World Cup. Go Azkals!

Azkals - website
Azkals - Facebook
Azkaleros - website

Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick routine - prepare and go to work in 5 minutes

If you ever find yourself waking up late before a very important business meeting, this Japanese video can show you the essential skills that you will need to be ready in 5 minutes! It's very amusing that some people take time to learn these. I wonder if anyone has tried doing this feat in real life. Have you?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheap Makeover?

This is amazing..